About Us

Technology must be affordable to people around the world

We live in a world of infinite movement forward. Human evolution gives rise to more ideas and technologies. Our world has become globalized. Manufactures, middlemen and trading platforms expand and turn into giants. Producers supply goods to middlemen, who resell the goods in trade networks. The chain from the manufacturer exponentially increases the product cost to the end consumer.

Dakauf changes the rules of e-commerce.

Initially, the main activity of our company was wholesale sales. And for over fifteen years we have been working as a wholesaler with major companies-resellers of photography equipment and electronics.

Due to some changes in the market, we had the opportunity to skip the retailer link and offer goods at wholesale prices to the end consumer.

Our team has set up the e-shop with no middlemen involved. We offer only those products that we purchase directly from manufacturers. No dropshipping. Real stock sales only.

Our credo – technology must be affordable to people around the world.

Thanks to fifteen years of experience in the worldwide wholesale sales, we were able to develop our own model for the supply of goods.

Our sales model allows us to offer the fastest possible delivery throughout Europe and client-friendly prices. Products from manufacturers only, with a guarantee and convenient delivery to the buyer according to the data specified in the terms of delivery.

Shop with us and get only favourable prices!

Welcome to Dakauf!